Project Development

We work with our clients to develop bespoke funding strategies that consider the project specifics, project risks, the available funding options and our client's commercial objectives and return requirements.

We draft and review Board papers for our clients, to ensure the key messages, benefits and risks are clearly articulated and set out for senior management to consider.

Our senior team lead contractual negotiations on behalf of our clients. We negotiate commercially viable agreements, while obtaining the best possible position for our clients.

Our team has raised over $20 billion of debt and equity to deliver infrastructure projects. We use this experience to develop appropriate funding structures - including traditional project finance, capital markets finance, export finance and other off balance sheet funding solutions.

We develop commercial and financial structures that meet our clients requirements and ensure projects are efficiently structured, with risk appropriately

In addition to our role as the financial advisor, we lead bids on behalf of our clients, taking responsibility for the management of other advisors, internal negotiations and agreements, and production of the final document.

We advise on the full range of procurement options available to infrastructure projects - from traditional Design & Build through to 25 year concession based contracts.

We use this experience to ensure the procurement option selected returns the most efficient and best value solution for our clients.

We develop and build bespoke financial models to support our clients bids for projects or transactions in the Infrastructure, Real Estate and Utilities sectors.

We also have the skills and experience to review third party financial models, and highlight where additional optimisation or efficiencies could be achieved.

We work with our clients to develop succinct, robust and focused feasibility studies and business cases. These studies provide a comprehensive view of opportunities and the potential risk and rewards available to shareholders.



Throughout operations, we continue to seek ways to enhance shareholder value in projects.

We identify methods to maximise revenues and minimise costs, or to restructure equity arrangements to increase the level of financial return generated, and ultimately the market value of our client's shareholding in their projects.

Using our skills and experience of the market, we diligently assess the nature of the asset class to provide shareholders with a view on the likely market price and what actions to take to improve overall returns.

We also use our network to identify early in the process potential interest parties, allowing us quickly assess overall demand and likely market perception of the proposed valuation.

We provide our clients with robust, reliable and timely due diligence. We highlight the potential risks and pitfalls surrounding a transaction, as well as areas where potential value can be generated.

Our clients use this information to assess how an investment can enhance overall value to their portfolio, allowing them to price such an investment appropriately.

Post construction, we work with our clients and their funders to ensure the debt financing terms attached to a project accurately reflects the updated project risk profile.

Having negotiated reduced debt pricing, we calculate the most efficient method for utilising this cost saving to enhance overall shareholder returns.

We review the actual performance of projects against the projected base case returns.

We highlight the reasons for cashflow variances and, using bespoke financial models, forecast the likely impact on overall shareholder value.

Our clients use this information to amend operational processes, re-negotiate contractual terms or divest from projects, all to ensure the maximum shareholder value is realised.

We work with our clients to realise, increase or diversify their investments in the secondary market.

By understanding our clients' short, medium and long term goals, we are able to develop an overall secondary market strategy. From here, we support the execution of this strategy, ensuring the final transaction price agreed for projects and assets represents best value to shareholders.